A Moderately Peculiar Tale of Wizards vs. Vampires with Aliens for Good Measure and the Mistimed Inclusion of a Killer Robot to Boot title image

As the sole proprietor of a leather goods store, Lailoken has only ever wanted to be a wizard. Deemed untrainable by the wizard community, he has been turned away from entering the wizard academy on multiple occasions. Struggling to learn wizardry on his own, his frustrations almost always result in him spending his evenings watching porn instead.

In one such unseemly video, he discovers a vampire threat to his magical world. Opting to report the danger to the wizards after another failed attempt to pass the academy’s entrance exam, he ends up ridiculed by the wizard elders and kicked off the grounds.

Afterwards, Lailoken is prepared to give up on magic and forget about the vampire threat until his two friends, and an attempt on their lives by assassins, convince him they need to do something.

With both the wizard elders and the vampire leader wanting him dead, Lailoken and his only friends embark upon an epic journey to find a wizard sage who just might be able to train him. Along the way, they encounter strange creatures, unexpected allies and a killer robot. They also discover that the vampires are not the only threat to their world.

All of them will be forever changed by the adventure but not all will survive.

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