Dan C. Rinnert, Non-Award Winning Writer

About the Author . . .

Non-award-winning writer Dan C. Rinnert is the author of exactly five novels so far, a smattering of short stories and a rather long queue of unfinished works, plus an embarrassing book of poetry written in high school and buried away in a place where no one will find it.

Mr. Rinnert’s books have sold millions of copies worldwide, but only in his vivid and rather deluded imagination.

And then for the sake of visual balance, we include this third paragraph which is otherwise completely pointless and devoid of meaning, yet we prattle on to fill out the page a little better and make it look appealing to those visitors who will never read this far down the page.

Also, having redesigned this website, this fourth paragraph must now be included to restore the visual balance once fulfilled by the addition of the third paragraph, which leads one to wonder which is the more meaningless and pointless of the two? It also leads one to wonder about other things as one realizes a mere one sentence is not sufficient to fulfill the visual balance required by the page and, thus, one must continue to bang out words on the keyboard in order to make this paragraph seem more substantive than it really is, while at the same time avoiding the amateurish repetition of words to better display a wider grasp of English vocabulary than would otherwise be demonstrated by repeating the same words over and over again. Words like bacon. Dogs like bacon. People like bacon. Everyone loves bacon. If they could find a way to make taking vitamins as easy and delicious as eating delicious, crunchy bacon, more people would take vitamins. Of course, it would be preferable if they could get all the nutrients they need through healthier eating but, gosh darn it, bacon is awesome. Also, thanks in part to bacon, the visual appeal of this page has been balanced.

And now, having completed a second novel, which lengthens the sidebar wherein the novels are listed, this fifth paragraph needed to be added in order to further extend the visual balance once made possible by the addition of the fourth paragraph which itself was added in order to restore the visual balance of the page after the last redesign of this website, which the author hopes will be the last redesign of said website for the foreseeable future, except for the forthcoming addition of a collection of short stories, which will extend the sidebar once again, which in turn will require either a sixth paragraph of nonsense to fill the page or a redesign, with the latter being the least likely since adding more gibberish is far, far easier to do and, thus, the most likely to occur.

Oops. It appears as though a sixth paragraph is required now, which means you can expect a seventh paragraph upon inclusion of the aforementioned short story collection in the sidebar or, to be clear, that is the link to the book’s page will be in the sidebar and not the book itself, because the latter would necessitate far more than a seventh paragraph being added.

As predicted, this seventh paragraph is now required to fill out the page because of the addition of the aforementioned short story collection which hithertofore was not in the sidebar but, as of this writing, is now in the sidebar, along with the other books that were already in the sidebar, each of which you should buy if you have not done so already because why else have you come here except to buy more books, unless, of course, you come only to see what new gibberish I have pounded out upon the addition of a new edition in the sidebar? I would have stopped there but doing so would have been insufficient to fill out the page, so I must keep going. Of course, since the web design is liquid, on some screens it may already be sufficient or may be too much, or may still not be enough. But, I am only going to worry about my screen, because I probably look at my own website more often than anyone else, so I should make it look pleasing to me, right? And, good grief, I have to keep going because the prior sentence was still insufficient to properly fill the page so it looks visually balanced, but hopefully this will do it. Indeed, it did.

Except now that I have added an option to subscribe to my list, I find I need to add yet another paragraph of mind-numbingly uninteresting banter to fill up space to balance things out once more, making this the eighth paragraph in this attempt at filling textual space with something other than the “Lorem ipsum” text that is quite typical in cases where designers need to fill space whilst ensuring it looks somewhat like actual text is there. Upon checking the look of the site, I find the previous sentence was insufficient to fill the space, thus requiring that I add this second sentence. Since I cut the second sentence short, I now need to add this third sentence, which I have done without checking the design as I have gotten fairly good at guessing the amount of text required to fill a given space although, if you have set your browser to display text larger or smaller than normal, your results may vary.

Upon completion of a fifth novel, it now becomes necessary to add additional wordage to fill the otherwise empty whitespace that is created by the ever expanding sidebar full of titles which you should probably buy. You read that correctly! You should buy each and every book in the sidebar. Also, as I add paperbacks to the offerings, you should be sure to buy those as well. It is indeed beneficial to own both digital and physical copies of the books you enjoy and my books whether you enjoy them or not. Imagine wanting to read a book and you accidentally dropped your eBook reader in the hot tub. Well, there goes that reading device, right? But, no need to fear because you have the paperback so you can read that instead! Just be careful not to let it fall in the water as well.