In Search of the Legendary Phineas Ray title image with bearded fish and baseball mitt

Meeting your childhood hero would be a dream come true. No matter how old you are, the child inside of you cannot wait to meet that long-cherished idol. So, when your best friend arranges a meeting, you’re beside yourself with excitement.

The special day arrives and, with that anxious mix of excitement and nervousness, you knock at the door. You wipe your sweaty palms on your shorts. You’re so excited, you hope you’ll be able to remember your own name.

An older man opens the door. He must be the butler, you at first assume, except he has no idea why you’re there and has never even heard of your superstar. He tells you to go away and leave him alone.

You can’t believe what just happened. Stunned and disappointed, you head back home.

You go to your parents’ house and tell them what happened, but they’ve never heard of your hero either. They don’t even remember your best friend who practically grew up with you, who must have been to your house hundreds of times, who’d even stayed for dinner once or twice.

You feel like you’re losing your mind. How could everyone forget, but you?

You decide to take the advice of the fish swimming around your head and never speak of it again.

But, you still want to know the truth, you still want to prove you weren’t imagining things...

Rules. Who needs ’em?

In Search of the Legendary Phineas Ray will take you on that journey as Rick Fieldman sets out to prove his grandfather didn’t make the whole story up. His search will take him to the farthest reaches of his small town, where he will end up hounded by a talentless reporter, hunted by an assassin who can’t find him and narrowly avoiding zombie attacks, until finally discovering the secrets behind Phineas Ray and the ultimate fate of us all.

Illustrations by Matthew Laznicka.