Bloody Love title image

Bloody Love is a collection of four romance stories that end very very badly. Stories include:

“Faded Dreams of Photos in the Sun” (1,562 words): Getting ready for his school reunion, Robert reflects upon the love he lost and the love he found.

“Women Will Want You” (1,966 words): Unlucky in love, Mark buys a product to attract women but it doesn’t work the way he expected.

“Allen Abduction” (10,131 words): Living with his parents, 34-year-old Allen finds it difficult to bring home a date. But, when he makes an unusual yet convenient discovery about his parents, he sees his window of opportunity to bring home a woman—if he can only find a woman willing to come home with him.

“The Wedding Party” (377 words): The survivor of a wedding makes his statement to police.

If you’re looking for happy endings, run away now. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something covering the darker and perhaps disturbing side of love and romance, this is the short story collection for you.