Bad Fiction title image

A minimum wage earner who doesn’t deserve it, Dargh dreams of ruling the world. A bright and eager self-starter, Kelli hopes to climb the corporate ladder starting with a good job. An eccentric billionaire businessman, Jude wants to be a hero who protects and saves his city. In good fiction, they’d achieve their goals and live happily ever after. Bummer for them.

What others are saying about Bad Fiction:

“Possibly the worst book ever written!”

“A bunch of incoherent, rambling nonsense!”

“Stopped reading after the first page! Couldn’t finish this pointless book!”

“A perfect example of why writers should be required to be licensed!”

“Since it lived up to its title, two out of three beta readers didn’t finish reading it!”

“I thought there’d be a chihuahua!”

“I love using exclamation points!”

“All these quotes are completely made up but probably true!”

This book also includes zombies (yes, again), a killer robot and a waitress. No unicorns. Sorry. Don’t miss this something-short-of exciting adventure! Grab your copy today!